Recipients of the Vada Soots Certificate of Appreciation shall encompass any individual or business who has continuously and convincingly supported and/or encouraged the sport of bowling for the Kokomo Women's Bowling Association. Candidates could include but are not restricted to bowlers, proprietors, media, businesses, or anyone who has given immeasurable contributions to KWBA.



VADA SOOTS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION RECIPIENT for the 2001-2002 is Pat Pratt. She served as KWBA Director since 1993-94 season (9 years). While serving on the KWBA Board of Directors, she served on many committees such as Tournament Awards, Nominating, Mission and Goals, and Ways and Means. In 2000, Pat chaired the Tournament Awards Committee and is also a BVL Volunteer.

Pat was on the Membership Development Team since its inception in 1993. With the Membership Development Team, Pat served as League Assistant for a number of leagues at all centers distributing the new bowler packets, announcing bowlers' recognition, etc.; served as Membership Development Eagles Lane Representative; served as Membership Development Seniors Coordinator; and served on the Membership Development Ways and Means Committee.

As a model volunteer, Pat has worked on a number of events/functions representing KWBA. Some of these events include working the 1995 WISBA Championship Tournament when hosted in Kokomo, the 1st Joint Jamboree hosted in Kokomo, every Monte Carlo night since its beginning, the 4-H Fair Booth, KWBA Share-the-Pot, etc.

Pat currently serves as the Local 500 Club Secretary and has participated in several 500 Club Tournaments. She has been a Secretary-Treasurer for the Thursday Donuts League, served as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Terrific Trio League, and has been a team captain for many years. She served on a variety of league committees as well.
Congratulations to Pat as she continues donate time and effort to the sport of bowling and the bowling community in many ways and in an aggressive manor.



VADA SOOTS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION RECIPIENT for the 1999-2000 is Connie Hensler. She served as KWBA President 2½ years and KWBA Director 6 years. While serving on the KWBA Board of Directors, she chaired the Ways and Means Committee and successfully promoted KWBA through designs and merchandise.

Her most impressive design was the KWBA logo that we continue to display today. Logos are tied to identities, and many people around the State recognize Kokomo roots as soon as they see our logo. She created the design KWBA used in 1995 when Kokomo hosted the WISBA Championship Tournament. She also designed other various pins sold during city tournaments or given as awards such as the 650 Award pin.

Connie served as the Local Team Leader for Membership Development in its infancy under the direction of WIBC. She was very successful in starting the League Services segment. Because of the groundwork and success on the local level, she was invited to address state and national meetings with the literature that was developed and proven effective. This program still benefits all members in Kokomo WBA.

Connie brought to the Kokomo bowling history something that will stand for many years. With Connie's artistic abilities combined with her drive to promote bowling and service the membership, she left a well-defined impression.


VADA SOOTS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION recipient for the 1998-99 season is Mr. Gary Exmeyer, owner of the Strike Shop, 2021 Cedar Crest Drive, Kokomo. He has been an extremely generous supporter of KWBA as well as to the sport of bowling. When KWBA published the first Average Book in 1992, Gary gave support by purchasing an ad in that book and every one afterwards where ads were sold. He never settled for the minimum; he always purchased at least one-half page.

In 1993, we started adding an extra $1000 to the Championship Tournament prize fund. Gary supported the tournament with the $50.00 sponsor fee annually and continues to do so.

He donates merchandise such as bowling balls, etc., for raffles during the KWBA Championship Tournament as well as donating merchandise to the joint functions and our local youth functions. Gary is such a giving person, and has truly been a supporter of Kokomo Women's Bowling Association and to the Sport of Bowling.


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VADA SOOTS CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION recipients for the 1997-98 season are Peggy Hobson, Director of the Howard County Visitors Bureau, and Michael S. Brooke, KBA Director and Chairman of Joint Functions of KBA with KWBA.

Mrs. Peggy Hobson, Representative of the Howard County/Kokomo Visitors' Bureau, contributed to KWBA's success in preparing for the bidding process to host the 1995 State Championship Tournament. She supported KWBA in material items as well as the planning process for hosting the state tournament.

She provided a nice Kokomo canvas bag and prepared a very attractive "selling" packet to distribute to every delegate. Peggy provided "Ben" chocolates to promote Kokomo, a wind-up "Ben" for raffles, and assisted for a drawing with a night's lodging to be used during the 1995 State Tournament event. Peggy worked to get price reductions for tournament bowlers and assisted us when there were problems throughout the tournament.

When there was a complaint with restaurants running out of food, she did some investigating and continued to send out flyers and/or to talk with businesses to explain the circumstances and correct the problems. When there were problems with housing facilities, she made it a point to address the problems herself. She even sat in some lobbies to find out specifics on the problems.

She explained the promotional-type grant application KWBA applied for that was used to offset costs of preparing and hosting that State Tournament.

Peggy went the extra mile to make KWBA, as well as Kokomo, a desirable tournament host and is very deserving of the Vada Soots Certificate of Appreciation given this first season of presentation.


Mr. Mike Brooke, has acknowledged the concept that ABC and WIBC are joining efforts for the servicing of all men and women bowlers. He has put KWBA and KBA toward that positive direction with his leadership and appreciation for the changing times. With his foresight and supervision, KWBA and KBA is expanding toward servicing our memberships together.

Three years ago KWBA was invited to be co-sponsor with KBA of the Annual City Mixed Tournament. With his leadership, determination, and extra effort, it has become a true city tournament with the bowler always coming first. It has grown from 27 teams and 42 doubles in 1994 to 86 teams and 160 doubles in 1998.

Mike Brooke has supported KWBA with his leadership toward "joint ventures" with KBA. He chaired the 1996 and 1997 (1st and 2nd) Annual Casino Night fund-raiser event that paid for the complimentary "joint" Average Books for each season. Prior to this, the complimentary joint Average Book was too costly.

Funds raised from the 1997 Casino will also go toward the newest joint venture--the 1st Joint Hall of Fame Ceremony on May 9, 1998. The leadership, planning, and extra effort on Mike's part to make the Hall of Fame Ceremony the most prestigious affair of the season is exceptional. He holds meetings every two weeks with every loose end being checked or updated. He makes every effort to reduce costs without reducing quality. Remaining casino funds will also go toward publishing of the joint newsletter, to support the joint workshop, and other continued efforts to service both Associations' Members.

Mike Brooke is very deserving of the Vada Soots Certificate of Appreciation this first season of presentation.