Kokomo's Team Series Record Progression


Almost all league bowling involves team competition. Teammates help each other and push themselves to greater levels of performance. In addition to earning themselves recognition, they also get recognition for their sponsor. Just look through the Bowling Honor Roll each week. You will see that many local businesses are highlighted although the bowlers' recognition is at the individual level.

Team bowling isn't what it used to be in years past. You don't see the sharp uniforms although you do often see shirts sporting the sponsor's name.

One way that teams continue to receive recognition, as they have for many years, is to roll a new city record.

On the men's side, that has been done on at least 20 occasions. The team game and series record holders are shown surrounding this article along with the individuals and their contributing scores where known.

From the progression, you see that several names appear several times. Fred Hurstel and Bob Resener appear on the list five times. Lefty Willer, Bob Overton and Elmer Cook appear three times. A number of other bowlers appear twice.

A team record was broken, on average, once per year between 1931 and 1941. Of course, by the end of this period, the record scores were getting sufficiently high that the record was much tougher to beat.

Here are a few other interesting facts I discovered when putting this article together.

The Gerhart Brothers broke their own record of 2816 with their 2927 score. These records were both shot at Menig Alleys. Next the records were all set at Recreation Alleys until the Recreation Five shot 3197 at the new Evan's Bowling Academy in 1938. From there, all the records were at Evan's up to 1979 if you include the renamed Sycamore Lanes record in 1961.

The shortest lived game and series record belongs to the Kelvie Press team. In 1933, Lefty's Stars took the record away after only 50 minutes! Rolling in the City League, Kelvie Press rolled a record 1086 game in their first game. Lefty's Stars beat the record by one in their second game. Then moments after finishing with a new series record of 3015, Kelvie Press could only watch Lefty's Stars beat them again with 3051.

The 1941 Recreation Five records are listed as unofficial because their score was rolled while making up a match and was not bowled against competition.

Honda of Kokomo's team game record in 1979 was set at Cedar Crest Lanes. Astro Bowl, wasted no time getting into the record books when Fletcher's Steak House shot their 3318 in 1980.

Cedar Crest got back in the record books in 1993 when the Cedar Crest Lanes team rolled a whopping 1263 game paced by Bob Dunn's 300 game. This record still stands after six years.

The last two records were rolled at Don Lowry Lanes West by Revs N Resin and the current record holder Kokomo Sports Center.

There have been some close calls that could have altered the record book.

In November 1937, when the current game record was 1114, a powerful Clemen's Oil team could have shattered the record. Unfortunately, Hugh Halstead rolled a 147 game and the team finished five pins short with a score of 1109. Other team members and their scores were Ora Murray (211), Fred Swaney (246), Fred Hurstel (247) and Jim DeVinney (258).

In the 1996-97 season, Trent Marner's 802 series paced the MAB Paint team to a score of 3417, only three pins off the record.

Kokomo Sports Center fired the current record at the end of the 1996-97 season against the Revs N Resin team. In March 1998, the Revs N Resin almost took the record back when they rolled scores of 3434 and 3425 with Clint Spencer replacing Jon Dieterman in their lineup.

The women's records are both currently held by Go's Girls. On April 27, 1998 they shot a record game total of 1155 as well as a series record score of 3210. They were paced by Colleen Holaday's record breaking 300 game.

How long will these records stand?

There were a couple of good attempts at the men's record this year. With the new synthetic lanes at Cedar Crest and the expected higher scores, don't be surprised if the 3500 barriers is shattered before the end of next season. There are some powerful teams out there! With the right combination of men, the record could be broken soon.


Series Record Progression


Gerhart Brothers
1/4/1917 2927 1016
Harry Davis 591 188
Claude Jones 611 242
W. Jones 513 177
Homer Kilbuck 469 183
Carl Maudlin 653 226
American Central Life
1927 2999 1054
Bobby Overton 619 216
Russell Kelvie 570 222
Carl Heady 567 205
George Elliott 623 198
Bobby Resener 620 213
2/19/1931   1083
Lefty Willer   231
Paul Allison   215
Bob Schutte   204
Fred Hurstel   221
Burl Freeman   212
Kelvie Press
4/30/1933 3015 1086
Bobby Overton 626 245
Russell Kelvie 628 223
Carl Heady 589 204
Bobby Resener 607 233
Bill Cooper 565 181
Lefty’s Stars
4/30/1933 3051 1087
Ed Critchley 561 213
Lefty Willer 631 215
Paul Allison 649 215
Fred Hurstel 590 235
Harold Schrader 620 209
Shell American Petroleum Co.
1/30/1936 3085 1099
Don Richards 562 207
Ralph Hansell 573 188
Walter Crumley 634 216
Charlie Burk 648 244
Walt McFatridge 668 244
4/1/1937   1114
George Critchley   217
Fred Hurstel   235
Doc Holcombe   239
Russell Maudlin   216
Harold Schrader   207
Recreation Five
5/12/1938 3197 1120
Dave Delo 656 243
Dan Wooldridge 616 210
Bud Fridlin 569 205
Joe Jansen 727 248
Jim DeVinney 629 214
10/12/1938   1128
Lefty Willer   267
Bobby Resener   203
Ed Critchley   247
Dr. Walter Gipe   195
Bobby Overton   216
Midget Buffet
4/25/1940   1130
Don Sellers   203
Doc Sloan   276
Fred Hurstel   251
Bobby Resener   203
Jim DeVinney   197
Recreation Five (Unofficial)
3/30/1941 3214 1164
Stub Miller 509  
Doc Sloan 669  
Fred Hurstel 650  
Bobby Resener 677  
Don Sellers 709  
Barney’s Sandwich Shop
1946   1133
Peck Bratton    
Barney Pickering    
Cecil Symons    
Ben Newburn    
Elmer Cook    
Barney’s Sandwich Shop
12/2/1948 3220  
Peck Bratton 691  
Barney Pickering 676  
Cecil Symons 590  
Ben Newburn 566  
Elmer Cook 697  
Lord’s Jewelers
11/17/1949 3259  
Francis Fisher 594  
Cloyd Long 715  
John Cox 639  
Clyde Myer 660  
Don Lowry 651  
Diary Queen
2/16/1961   1157
Elmer Cook   258
Vern Kirkman   213
Charlie Branch   238
Truman Tochterman   233
Loren Guge   215
Honda of Kokomo
4/2/1979   1181
Joe Taboas   259
Ron Patton   257
Ken Boe   255
Larry Retherford   241
Jerry Rosselot   169
Fletcher’s Steak House
3/4/1980 3318  
Ed Martin 774  
Larry Retherford 682  
Dick Martin 672  
Floyd Wooley 597  
Art Bassett 593  
Cedar Crest Lanes
1/10/1993   1263
Gary Exmeyer   215
Bob Dunn   300
Ron Harding   264
Ralph Johnston   247
Trent Marner   237
Revs N Resin
12/29/1994 3420  
Bob Burge 714  
Bryan Mose 631  
Barry Blanton 679  
Tim Merritt 729  
Jon Dieterman 667  

Kokomo Sports Center
4/24/1997 3457  
Jon Kelley 713  
Tom Haughn 741  
Jim Mote 627  
Bob Harding 660  
Dan Preston 716  
Kokomo Sports Center
Bob Harding, Jim Mote, Jon Kelley,
Dan Preston, Tom Haughn
Go’s Girls
4/27/1998 3210 1155
Colleen Holaday 707 300
Beth Stanley 738 245
Lois Kelley 586 197
LaDonna Ogle 525 187
Tammy Burge 654 226
Go's Girls
Beth Stanley, Lois Kelley, Colleen Holaday,
LaDonna Ogle, Tammy Burge