KWBA TITLE:     1975-76     Div. 2 Doubles Actual w/Lil Stigall - 952

1965-66 Elected State Delegate Alternate
1969-70 Elected State Delegate Alternate

  • Elvetta bowled for 54 years--36 years in Kokomo
  • She is a member of the Local 600 Club as well as the State and National 600 Clubs
  • She annually forms teams for City Tournament, State Tournament, and National Tournament
  • Elvetta formed many teams for several Leagues
  • She has bowled in approximately 32 National Tournaments since coming to Kokomo
  • She bowled a 634 at Sycamore Lanes in City Tournament--highest for that tournament
  • Her highest average is 165
  • In many leagues, she has served as every league officer at one time or another.
  • She was a Lane Representative in 1969
  • Elvetta was a tournament scorekeeper annually until the automatic scorers were in place; now she works in any capacity that is asked of her during tournaments.
  • She also worked the ways and means table at tournaments.
  • Elvetta was an official greeter for the State Championship Tournament in 1995. After the shift began, she was a floater and worked wherever needed.
  • At time of her induction, she was working hard for Membership Development as League "Volunteer." Volunteer is an accurate description for her.
  • Some of the leagues she participated in are Subzero, Snappy Six Plus Six, 20th Century, Make Believe League, Eaglettes, Independents, and Over the Hill Gang, Sr.
  • Her life and time seems to be centered around her favorite sport, BOWLING.

    Bowling was the center of Elvetta's life.
    July 11, 1915 - July 23, 2001