INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 13, 1994 -- Class of 1994...

Charlie started bowling in 1946 shortly after his employment at Continental Steel. His team won a KBA Championship as he averaged a 145 as a new bowler. Charlie's personality of a prankster and joker probably kept him from being a premier bowler. It was this attitude that made it a joy to bowl with or even around him on the lanes.

While his priority was probably having fun and enjoying people, he was able to win the City Match Game Championship in the 1960's by one pin over Hall of Fame Member Carl Babb. He also averaged 255 in a Sycamore Lanes shootout with Barney Pickering.

Following Don Johnson's winning the Firestone Tournament of Champions, Mayor of Kokomo John Miller held a reception at City Hall honoring Don. Following the ceremony, all proceeded to The Play Bowl Lanes where Don was to bowl a match against Judy Lowry. As Don waited near the lanes waiting for the announcer to complete the listing of his many accomplishments, Charlie raced out of nowhere across the lanes dressed in the most ridiculous ladies clothing, lots of makeup, hat, and tights with strike on one side and spare on the other side. He grabbed Don, planted a big kiss on his lips, Don collapsed, and the crowd went wild. This was the vintage "Ears" Lucas at his best!

Charlie served the Kokomo Bowling Association for many years as a Director and as President in 1983-84. He always had time to help anyone who was having trouble with their game. Charlie worked at Don Lowry Lanes Pro Shop most of his time off.


  • 1970 KBA Doubles Actual with Bill Humphrey--1156
  • 1972 KBA Singles Actual--633
  • KBA team titles not listed at this time

Charles (Ears) Lucas passed away on November 16, 1986.