Don had bowled for many years and had averaged over 200 on one occasion.  He bowled in some tournaments with the latest success being the IBA State Seniors Class B (age group 65-70) actual champion with a handicap score of 816 (738 actual).  Don had a great attitude on the lanes, never got angry, and was a great role model for other bowlers.



Game - 300

Series - 738

Average - 205 (1993-94 season)



  • 1997 Doubles Handicap with Charlie Branch (1429)
  • 2005 Kokomo Seniors
  • 2007 Kokomo Seniors



High Series

  • Along with his 738, Don had approximately nine 700 series including 722, 720, 715, 712, 704 and 703
  • Rolled at least five 699 series


High Games

  • 300 game on August 30, 2007
  • Rolled about six games over 260


League Honors

  • Don had many team championships and individual awards including Triplicate Game Awards for 176 and 179 triplicates, 150 pins over series and Senior 125 pins over series awards.
  • Don served as president of the Adam and Eve league (Jack and Jill league) for five years and for the Over the Hill Gang league for one year.  Don also served as the secretary of the Progressive league for three years.