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INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 16, 2015 -- Class of 2015...


Gene Conard wrote touching stories and sports articles for over 40 years; some of this time as a writer for the Kokomo Tribune. His involvement in writing about bowling went back to the days of bowling being on the front pages of the Kokomo Tribune—the days of Don Johnson in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Gene appreciated the sport and little-recognized skills that it takes to perform well. On many occasions, he had been heard telling stories about challenging others who think bowling is not a sport to step on the lane and throw three strikes like a top anchor bowler must do in the 10th frame to win the game for their team.

Even after retiring from being a full-time writer, Gene continued to hold bowling close to his heart. He had developed many friendships with Kokomo bowlers over the years. He was happy to write articles introducing the new Hall of Fame class and then follow up with another article about the great induction evening and ceremony.

When Kokomo lost a bowling icon, Gene was there to craft a special touching story reminding everyone about the person behind the bowling ball as well as their lifetime contribution. Gene had attended about every Kokomo Hall of Fame since it was formed in 1986. Not only then, but also when a local is fortunate enough to be inducted into the Indiana State Bowling Halls of Fame, Gene was there to write a story as well.

Although Gene received the City of Firsts USBC Special Recognition Award a few years ago at the Hall of Fame Banquet for his special contributions, it is only fitting that we honor Gene completely by inducting him into the City of Firsts USBC Hall of Fame for his special contributions over the years.