Game - 288
Series - 645
Average - 172



  • DiAnne has been in the Kokomo area for 46 years and a sanctioned bowler for 50 years. She is an over achiever in many aspects with her bowling skills, bowling promotion, volunteering and dedication to the sport of bowling. She is one of bowling’s rare breed that made bowling the grand sport that it once was.
  • She currently is a member of City of Firsts USBC Association as a Director (since 2011) and next year will become the 2nd Vice President.
  • She is also 2nd Vice President of the Indiana State USBC Women’s Bowling Association and is 1st Vice President Elect to begin her term in August 2014. Until recently, she was also the Association Manager for the Miami County USBC.
  • DiAnne’s greatest accomplishment in her bowling career occurred while she was in Taiwan. She got a local bowling association started within a 10-day deadline. That was much work in 10 days and with many miles between her and headquarters.
  • Also, DiAnne rolled her career high game of 288 in Taiwan, which remained a record as the highest game rolled by a female in Taiwan when the military bases closed there.
  • She is also especially proud of her Amateur Bowler's Tour Championship of 1989. There were 154 bowlers—men and women together in the Indianapolis Division of the Amateur Bowler’s TOUR. The top 4 women and the top 24 men after Saturday qualifications advanced to the semi-finals on Sunday. After the semi-finals, DiAnne was in the lead and seeded 1st into the top five bowlers and had to bowl the final match of the step-ladder finals. She won her match for a $1000, an Amateur Bowler’s TOUR Championship ring, shirt, and a plaque.
  • In the inaugural Midwest Women’s Tournament in Lansing, Michigan, DiAnne’s team placed 3rd in handicap division out of a field of 801 teams. The Midwest Tournament was a tournament that involves six states and had bowlers from over 25 states competing.
  • She was inducted into the Indiana State USBC WBA Hall of Fame in 2009 and DiAnne is a charter member of the Peru WBA Hall of Fame.
  • Other honors include becoming an Honorary Member of the Indiana state women’s association in 2006.
  • In 1998, she received the STATE Secretary Award of Excellence and in 1999 its Certificate of Appreciation award.
  • In 2002 and 2009, she received the STATE Kathryn Hotzel Bowling Writer Awards.
  • In 2008, DiAnne became a Life Member of Hoosier Bowling Writers and won nine of its contest-writing awards.



  • 1996  Doubles Act (L Ogle)
  • 1996  Seniors Mixed Team (L Ogle, G Ogle, G Rickel)
  • 1997  Kokomo 600 Club Buddy Hcp (J Schertz)
  • 2006  Seniors Singles Hcp 645
  • 2006  Seniors Singles Act 547
  • 2006  Seniors Doubles Div A Hcp (G Rickel) 1473
  • 2007  Seniors Singles Hcp 686
  • 2009  Seniors Singles Hcp
  • 2010  Seniors Singles Hcp
  • 2012  Seniors Singles Hcp
  • 2012  Seniors Doubles (G Rickel)


  • 1996  2nd Doubles Hcp (L Ogle)
  • 2007  2nd Seniors Doubles Hcp (G Rickel)
  • 2011  3rd Women's Doubles Hcp (D Croddy)

In the Miami County USBC, DiAnne’s Championships include:

  • 3 Actual, 4 Handicap All Events 
  • 1 Actual and 2 Handicap Singles Events 
  • 7 Actual, 5 Handicap Doubles Events 
  • 11 Actual, 13 Handicap Team Event titles


  • 2007  1st Team Act (J Rogers, M Whitcomb, M Skiles)
  • 2007  1st Doubles Act (J Rogers)
  • 2007  2nd Team Hcp
  • 2013  3rd State Doubles Div 1 Hcp (D Croddy) 1463
  • 1973  7th Doubles (G Frankenfield)
  • 2013 7th State Singles Div 1 Hcp 763
  • 2013  16th State All Events Div 1 Hcp


  • 1989  State 600 Club Singles Act
  • 1992  State Champion of Champions Hcp (J Schertz, N Uhrin, R Scherer, G Rickel)
  • 1992  Indiana Regional Champion of Champions Hcp (J Schertz, J Schertz, N Uhrin, G Rickel)
  • 1998  Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Team Act (B Acton, T Youker, R Parkins, J McClanahan)
  • 1999  White River Games Singles
  • 2007  Hoosier Bowling Writers Singles Mail-O-Graphic Hcp 877
  • 2009  Team Act (S Moser, J Day, S Burton)
  • 2009  Doubles Act (T Bradfield)
  • 2013  State Seniors Singles Hcp 799
  • 2013  State Seniors Singles Act 634


  • 1998  2nd Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Women's Div, Team (B Acton, T Youker, R Parkins, J McClanahan)
  • 2000  2nd White River Games Singles
  • 2007  2nd State Jamboree Blind Doubles Hcp (J Wochowski)
  • 2008  2nd Team Hcp (T Bradfield, D Birnell, H Sparks)
  • 2009  2nd State 600 Club Singles
  • 2013  2nd State 500 Club Trio Hcp (T Bradfield, D Dennie) 1987
  • 1990  3rd All Star Trio (D Stossel, B Myers)
  • 2006  3rd Bowl Indiana Mixed Hcp (G Rickel)
  • 2007  3rd State 500 Trio Hcp (M Skiles, M Skiles)
  • 2007  4th Bowl Indiana Mixed All Events Hcp 1431
  • 2007  5th Bowl Indiana Mixed Doubles Hcp (G Rickel) 1458


  • 1989  1st Amateur Bowler's Tour (ABT) Singles
  • 1998  1st Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Team Act (D Stossel, D Rogers, B Myers)
  • 2007  1st Hoosier Bowling Writers Mail-O-Graphic Singles Hcp 877
  • 1998  2nd Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Team Act (B Acton, T Youker, R Parkins, J McClanahan)
  • 1998  2nd National Women Bowling Writers Mail-O-Graphic Singles Hcp
  • 1990  3rd All Star Trio,All Star Lanes, Indianapolis (D Stossel, B Myers)
  • 2013  3rd Midwest Women's Tournament, Lansing MI, Team Hcp (S Munn, B Hundley, R Campbell)
  • 1993  6th WIBC Women's Nationals, Baton Rouge LA, Team Act (D Stossel, B Myers, N Uhrin, S Moser)
  • 2009  7th Bowling Writers Association of America Mail-O-Graphic Singles Hcp 763
  • 1992  15th WIBC Women's Nationals, Lansing MI, Team Act (D Stossel, B Myers, N Uhrin, S Moser)