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Lisa bowled a short time in the junior program, but her bowling career really took off in the 1994-95 season. On October 27, 1999, Lisa became only the second woman in Kokomo to bowl a 300 game.


Game - 300 — 2nd Female in Kokomo History

Series - 722

Average - 191


City Titles:

2003-04 Fab Four/4-Mbr Team Actual 2440
2003-04 Fab Four/4-Mbr Team Handicap 2617
2003-04 Fab Four/4-Mbr Team Actual 2215
1999-00 Mixed Team/Related Bowlers Handicap 2600
2004-05 Mixed Team/Get R Done Actual 2394
2005-06 Mixed Team/Related Bowlers Actual 2471
2005-06 Mixed Team/Related Bowlers Handicap 2669
2008-09 Mixed Doubles/Rick Kelley Handicap 1356



  • Second woman bowler in Kokomo to score a 300 game (October 27, 1999)
  • The 300 Game earn her the local and state associations' Gold Awards for high game with an average of 151 or higher.
  • Lisa’s other high games include a 290 bowled in the UAW Tournament and 279 bowled in league in 2004.
  • Her career high series of 722 was rolled in the 2007 Indiana State Women’s Championship Tournament at South Bend.
  • Other high scores — 693, 678, 677, and 670.
  • Her high year-end average of 191 on 60 games was recorded in 2003-04 in the Scratch Draft League at Don Lowry Lanes.
  • She has had other high averages—in 2007, 188; 2000 and 2008, 187; 2005 and 2006, 186; and in 2009, 180.


In addition to the Kokomo’s championship tournaments, Lisa has been successful in the UAW Tournaments.

  • 2002, Team Actual and Handicap, Wonder Women (Martha Aders, Lois Turner, Karene Painter, Sharon Wood, Lisa Cook)
  • 2004, Team Handicap, Wonder Women (Annette Smith, Denise Russell, Colleen Holaday, Sharon Wood, Lisa Cook); 1st Doubles Handicap (Lois Kelley, Lisa Cook); 3rd Singles Handicap.
  • 2005, Team Actual, Wonder Women (Annette Smith-570, Lisa Holaday-511, Beth Perkins-599, Sharon Wood-450, Lisa Cook-550)
  • 2006, Team Actual, (Annette Smith, Colleen Holaday, Beth Perkins, Sharon Wood, Lisa Cook); UAW International Tournament-6th Singles Actual
  • 2009, Team Actual and Handicap, Doubles Actual and Handicap (Lisa Cook & Denise Russell); 4th All Events Handicap-1866

Lisa has participated in 11 Indiana State Women’s Championship Tournaments.

  • In 2003, the Fab Four team won the Championship in 4-Member Team Actual. Team members were Annette Smith-500, Lisa Cook-507, Jill Switzer-725, Beth Stanley-718.
  • In 2007, the Fab Four team (Annette Smith-563, Lisa Cook-577, Jill Shimer-673, Beth Perkins-681) won the state 4-Member Team Actual Championship.

Lisa has earned her share of league championships as well and she has them from three centers.

Sunday Night High Rollers – Don Lowry Lanes East
1996-97, Related Rollers, HGS-217 – HSS-582
Sunday Night Mixed – Don Lowry Lanes East
1997-98, Related Rollers, HGS-228 – HSS-591
20th Century – Don Lowry Lanes West
1999-00, Go’s Girls, HGS-267 – HSS-645
His & Hers – Don Lowry Lanes West
2001-02, Related Rollers, HGS-247 – HSS-693
2002-03, Related Rollers, HGS-241 – HSS-610
Sunday Night Mixed Late – Don Lowry Lanes West
2000-01, Related Rollers, HGS-231 – HSS-644
2003-04, Related Rollers, HGS-245 – HSS-661
2006-07, Pin Givers, HGS-246 – HSS-624
Women’s Wednesday Nite – Cedar Crest Lanes
2003-04, Lady Luck