AT THE TIME OF INDUCTION ON MAY 7, 2005 -- Class of 2005...


Mike Brooke is an easy-going and friendly person. He is also a "get things done" person who believes actions speak louder than words. Mike is an above-average bowler but was nominated primarily for his major contributions to the KBA and its members. At a KBA Annual Delegates Meeting many years ago, Mike expressed his innovative ideas and improvement suggestions for servicing the KBA and its members that led to his election as a KBA Director in 1991 and induced 14 years of service.

Since that time, he has been instrumental in many old and new KBA programs, which include revitalizing the City Mixed Tournament (6 seasons) and chairing the profitable first Monte Carlo fundraiser (for 3 years) and the successful first Joint Hall of Fame Ceremony (for 4 years). Mike held meetings, kept communications open with all bowling affiliates, and composed City Mixed Tournament Guidelines, the Monte Carlo Guidelines, and the Hall of Fame Guidelines to ensure the continued success of the programs.

Mike served as KBA President during the 1995-96 season and is an elected Life Member of the KBA. He was named KBA Director of the Year twice. He was also one of the first recipients of the KWBA Vada Soots Certificate of Appreciation Award in 1998.

He composed three ABC grant applications and received two. ABC allowed the April 1996 grants, which were used for a newsletter and yearbook.

He worked well with both Kokomo bowling associations and proprietors as he pioneered a strong foundation for the Kokomo bowling merger of today.



Game - 278 (3)

Series - 751

Average - 203


  • Mike was KBA President in 1995-96
  • Is an elected KBA Life Member
  • Served as a member of the KBA board for 14 years
  • Monte Carlo Fundraiser Chairman for 3 years
  • Revitalized the City Mixed Tournament and served as its chairman for 6 years
  • Joint Hall of Fame Chairman for 4 years
  • Composed Guidelines of the City Mixed Tournament, Joint Hall of Fame, and the Monte Carlo Fundraiser


  • Averaged 203 in 1999-2000 (other high year-end averages include 200, 195, 192, and 191)
  • He was the 1988 KBA All Events Handicap Champion (2067)
  • Mike and wife - KWBA Hall of Fame Member, Jo Brooke, were champions in the 1997-98 City Mixed Doubles Champion
  • He has participated in several IBA Championship Tournaments and four ABC Championship Tournaments.
  • Mike also has several league team championship titles and individual awards.