AT THE TIME OF INDUCTION ON MAY 8, 2004 -- Class of 2004...

Greg started bowling as a junior with the AJBC in 1969 at Chippewa Lanes in South Bend. He averaged 185 in his first ABC league-the Summer Scratch League in 1976. Greg has been very involved in the game of bowling since buying Cedar Crest Lanes in 1991. He is an excellent bowler and an innovative proprietor. Greg has rolled seven 300 games, three of them in Kokomo. Greg has a career high series of 796 with a high year-end average of 220. Greg has been a supporter of the Kokomo Bowling Association and the Kokomo Women's Bowling Association. Often he will donate lineage for some tournaments back to the associations.


  • Proprietor of Cedar Crest Lanes since 1991 and big supporter of the KBA and the KWBA
  • Innovative promoter of bowling events
  • Progressive proprietor
  • Added automatic scoring to Cedar Crest Lanes in August 1995
  • Added synthetic lane surfaces to Cedar Crest Lanes in February 1999
  • One of first centers in the state to use the synthetic Twister pins in February 2000



  • Best City Tournament - Peru in 1987
  • 2190 All-events (751 in singles, 737 in doubles and 702 in team) - Won team, doubles (1420), singles and all-events


  • Has averaged 200 in leagues since 1980
  • Has averaged from 202 to 219 in Kokomo the last eight seasons


700 Series

  • Has shot over 25 series over 700 while in Kokomo including a 785 (this season) and 782
  • Has rolled a 700 every year since 1980


High Games

  • Seven sanctioned 300 games (three in Kokomo-03/17/98, 10/21/99, and 10/17/03 at Cedar Crest Lanes)
  • First 300 rolled at the age of 20 at Parkway Lanes in Mishawaka in 1980 (also first 700-a 771)
  • Also has rolled two 299 games


Member of Arvin Construction team that set city series record on two occasions

  • 3344 team series on 3/18/92-Greg was high on team with 727
  • 3351 team series on 10/6/92-Greg was high on team with 782

Participated in ABC Tournament at least 15 times since 1980

  • Best scores - 665 in singles, 1275 in doubles and over 3000 in team and 1890 All-events in Reno


In 1984, Greg participated in the PBA Regional Tournament and placed 22nd, winning $209 as an amateur

In the 1983-84 season Greg bowled in 7 leagues - each over 90 games with a high average of 220