Jo Brooke's dedication and contributions are immeasurable for the KWBA and its membership. She has been a visionary and leader taking the KWBA into unknown territory in a positive manner. She worked on high impact committees and many trailblazing projects with great success.

Her statistics tell it all. Jo's championship titles illustrate the high caliber bowler she is, and the years of dedication and involvement demonstrate her loyalty and love for the sport of bowling and to the Kokomo Women's Bowling Association. On February 22, 1997, the KWBA honored her as Life Member. Now she joins the ranks of the KWBA Hall of Fame members and her Hall of Fame mother, Janet Ocker, with the distinction of being the first mother and daughter members.

1982-83 Doubles w/Janet Ocker Handicap 1284
1983-84 Jerry Butler Ins./Team Handicap 3113
1983-84 Jerry Butler Ins./Team Actual 2737
1986-87 Wez Bad/Team Actual 2592
1987-88 Gourmet Art/Team Handicap 3072
1987-88 Gourmet Art/Team Actual 2724
1988-89 Wez Bad/Team Actual 2612
1990-91 Wez Bad Too!/Team Handicap 3188
1990-91 Wez Bad Too!/Team Actual 2734
1990-91 Doubles w/Sandy Burton Actual 1150
1994-95 Vice Squad/Team Actual 2740
1996-97 Singles Actual 605
1996-97 All-Events Handicap 2011
2001-02 The Last Chance/Team Handicap 3124
2002-03 The Last Chance/Team Actual 2860
1997-98 City Mixed Doubles w/Mike Brooke Handicap 2011



705 Series278 Game182 Average


2001-02 KWBA 1st Vice President
2000-01 KWBA 1st Vice President
1999-00 KWBA 1st Vice President
1998-99 KWBA 1st Vice President
1998 KWBA 1st Vice President
1989-90 KWBA Treasurer
1990-91 KWBA Treasurer
1991-92 KWBA Treasurer
1992-93 KWBA Treasurer
1993-94 KWBA Treasurer
1994-95 KWBA Treasurer
1985-86 KWBA Director
1986-87 KWBA Director
1987-88 KWBA Director
1988-89 KWBA Director
1995-96 KWBA Director
1996-97 KWBA Director
1997 KWBA Director


1991 elected State Delegate in Anderson
1992 elected State Delegate in South Bend
1993 elected State Delegate in Indianapolis
1994 elected State Delegate in Fort Wayne
1995 elected State Delegate in Kokomo
1997 elected State Delegate in Terre Haute
1999 elected State Delegate in Indianpolis
2000 elected State Delegate in Anderson
2001 elected State Delegate in So Bend-Mish.
2002 elected State Delegate in Indianapolis
1988-89 elected State Delegate Alternate
1989-90 Budget Committee Chairman
1991-92 Budget Committee Chairman
1992-93 Budget Committee Chairman
1993-94 Budget Committee Chairman
1995-96 Budget Committee Chairman
1999-00 Budget Committee Chairman
1990-91 Budget Committee
1995-02 Joint Projects Committee (new concept)
1995-96 Restructuring Committee
1995-96 Ways and Means Committee Chairman
1991-92 Legal, Policy, and Procedure Committee
1993-94 Legal, Policy, and Procedure Committee
1989-90 Prize Committee
1990-91 Prize Committee
1991-92 Prize Committee
1992-93 Prize Committee
1993-94 Prize Committee
1994-95 Prize Committee
1992-93 Legal, Policy, and Procedure Committee Chairman
1992-93 KWBA Tourney Sponsors Committee (new project)
1987-1988 Banquet Committee Chairman
1988-1989 Banquet Committee Chairman
1989-1990 Banquet Committee
1985-86 KWBA Publicity Committee
KWBA Treasurer during hosted 1995 WISBA Tournament
1995 State Officer Dinner Committee Chairman
1988-89 Kokomo Bowling Council Secy-Treas.
1989-90 Kokomo Bowling Council Secy-Treas.

1995 Local Committees and Responsibilities for Hosted WISBA Tournament

  • Delegate Meeting Committee Chairman
  • State Board Dinner Committee
  • State Delegates Table Committee
  • State Ways and Means Committee

League Involvement

  • Scratch What? League President, 1993-94
  • NFL League and Big Ten League Sec'y, 12 yrs. (since 1990)
  • Double-Niques League, President
  • Astro Morning Stars League, Treasurer

Extra Activities and Memberships

  • 600 Club Member--Local, State, National
  • Promoted KWBA for 1995 State Bid, 1991-92
  • Participated in 1 National Tournaments
  • Participated in 15 State Tournaments
  • Participated in approx. 25 Local Tournaments
  • Attended 5 State Workshops
  • Attended 1st and 9th Joint State Jamboree