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Larry 'Rut' Retherford was another of those quiet bowlers who let their bowling do the talking. Larry loved to compete and participated in many tournaments. Larry rolled his first 600, a 630, in February 1969 when his average was only 155. He continually worked to improve his game and became a 200 average bowler.



Game - 300

Series - 763

Average - About 200


  • Larry was most improved bowler for three seasons from 1969-1972
  • Larry has bowled 8-10 700 series
  • Larry has captured the following city tournament titles.
    • Singles handicap (697)
    • Team actual
  • Larry's 300 was the first at Don Lowry Lanes. His 763 series was only eight pins off the then record of 771 set by Kokomo bowling great Don Johnson.
  • Larry shot 241 for Honda of Kokomo when they set a team game record of 1181 in April, 1979. The team total of 3220 actual and 3289 handicap were also Cedar Crest house records.
  • Larry contributed a 682 series for Fletcher's Steak House when they set a team series record of 3318 in March, 1980.
  • Larry was a member of teams that won their league championship 15 times