nelson peggie



two 1968-1969 Sycamore Royales League
two 1970-71 Early Birds
two 1972-1973 Hard Times League
two 1973-1974 Independents League
1974-1975, 1975-1976, 1980-1981 Indian Heights League
two 1982-1983 Afternoon Delights League
1986-1987, 1989-1990, 1993-1994


  • Peggie started bowling in 1965
  • In 1967, she assisted in organizing the Sycamore Royales Mixed League and served as secretary-treasurer in 1967 through 1975
  • In the mid-70's, she served as treasurer of the Hard Times League and president of the Indian Heights League
  • Peggie and Cathy Jensen co-organized the Kids over Fifty-Five Club (KOFF Club) at Astro Bowl in 1983. Peggie had responsibility of KOFF activities for a number of years that included Monday movies, Tuesday free bowling, Wednesday card club, Thursday Over the Hill Gang league, and Friday bingo.
  • Peggie also served as treasurer of the Afternoon Delights League from Nora Bowl, Indianapolis, in 1984 through 1986
  • She was treasurer of Over the Hill Gang in 1985 through 1987
  • In 1991, Peggie was elected as Secretary-Treasurer of the Over the Hill Gang, a 22-team, four-member league at Cedar Crest Lanes, and she continues to serve in that position (at time of induction)
  • She helped organize the Wednesday Afternoon 9-Pin Tap and the summer Thursday 9-Pin Tap leagues at Cedar Crest Lanes in 1994 and currently (at time of induction) serves as secretary of both leagues
  • Her highest average is 161, highest series is 542, and highest game is 231
  • She has been recognized for conversion of the big four, a triplicate, and an all-spare game
  • Peggie won 17 league championships beginning 1967 through 1994 from various leagues such as Sycamore Royales, Early Birds, Hard Times, Indian Heights League, and Afternoon Delights
  • She won third place in the local 600 Club Doubles Tournament with partner Daisy Strange
  • In 1966, she won three titles in the Women's Division of the Continental Steel Tournament, which included all events
  • Peggie is also a 500 Club member
  • Peggie also dedicated time and worked as a scorekeeper for many tournaments throughout the years until the installation of automatic scorers.