reel ida



1977-78 Jerry Butler Insurance/Team Handicap 2970
1977-78 Jerry Butler Insurance/Team Actual 2613
1980-81 Hutto Drugs/Team Handicap 3104
1977-78 Hutto Drugs/Team Actual 1276
1986-87 Doubles w/Virginia Haynes Handicap 1276
1986-87 Doubles w/Virginia Haynes Actual 1129


1987 Doubles Champion with Bill Reel Handicap
1987 Doubles Champion with Bill Reel Actual



1986-87 KWBA Director
1987-88 KWBA Director
1988-89 KWBA Director
1989-90 KWBA Director
  • Ida served on Ways and Means Committee and also on Hall of Fame Committee.


  • One of her biggest contributions to bowling was her dedication to organized youth bowling. She started working with the youth bowlers in 1964 and continued to do so for many years devoting time and effort toward coaching the youth. In addition, Ida volunteered as secretary for many years maintaining the books of scores and averages for the youth.


  • In her bowling career, she won several high average, high series, and high game awards. Ida joined the Indian Heights league in 1967 where she rolled her first 600 series, her team won the league championship for six consecutive seasons, and she served in the offices of President and Secretary-Treasurer.


  • Ida has bowled in the KWBA City Tournament since 1963 and WISBA State Tournament since 1964.


  • In 1995, she was the Family Twosome State Qualifier with grandson Tim Vandergriff.


  • Her highest game is 275, highest series is 656, and highest year-end average of 177.