Sabrena Gamblin

Sabrena Gamblin 



Sabrena is one volunteer that quietly works behind the scenes.  She has always been willing to help anyone who needs help.  Her years of dedication to youth bowlers have been tremendous.  Her impact has brought many former youth bowlers back with their children.

Sabrena became head coach at Don Lowry Lanes in 1996.  She taught youth classes with Bob Colburn in 1989.  At Don Lowry Lanes, they offered a fun night for the youth that they called Lock-ins.  The Lock-ins were chaperoned and the offered bowling, games, pizza and fun for all.  Sabrena helped orchestrate and run these Lock-ins from 1991 to 1999.  She helped run the City Tournament for Youth from 1988 to 2000.  She also has helped run local entries for the youth in the State Tournament from 1988 until the present day.  Sabrena is always ready in offering to lend a helping hand to the youth,  parents needing information, and a general willingness to help anybody in need.

She has also lent a hand outside of bowling by volunteering at Northwoods Nursing Home.  One of the games they played was with plastic balls and pins.  The residents loved bowling.



Game – 255

Series – 620

Average – 173



  • Youth Coach for 37 years (1984 to present)
  • Taught Youth Classes with Bob Colburn in 1989.
  • Youth Head Coach at Don Lowry Lanes starting in 1996 for a number of years
  • Helped run the City Tournament for Youth from 1998 to 2000
  • Helped organized entries for the Youth State Tournament from 1988 to 2021
  • Orchestrate Youth Lock-ins from 1991 to 1999
  • Treasurer of the Snappy 6+6 League from 1987 to 1998
  • President of the Shur Shot League from 1988 to 2021
  • Member of 500 and 600 Clubs


  • City Tournaments
    • Women’s Tournament – 1st place Doubles Handicap (1292) with Jennie Frazier
    • Open Tournament - 2nd Division 2 Team Handicap in 2018-2019 with 3239 for Beanie’s Gang
    • Seniors Tournament – 1st place 2018-2019 with 688 Singles Handicap (364 Actual) in 60-69 Division
    • Seniors Tournament – 1st place 2019-2020 with 748 Singles Handicap (424 Actual on 112 average in 60-69 Division
    • Seniors Tournament – 2nd place 2019-2020 Doubles Handicap (1377) with Jennie Frazier
    • Mixed Tournament – 26th place in Doubles Handicap with Paul Gamblin with 1243
  • Averages:
    • High average of 173 (42 games) in 1998-99 and 33 games in 1997-98
    • Other top averages were 169, 168, 167, 166 and 165
  • High Series
    • Career high series of 620 rolled in 1990
  • High Games
    • Rolled a 255 game which was 1994-95 High Game Merit Award for those with averages of 150 or less