"Bunk" was one of Kokomo’s top bowlers in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Bunk began bowling about 1950. By the early 50’s, he was shooting 600 series. He thought he was real tough so he joined the scratch league. The first year he hardly ever beat any of those bowlers. But he gradually learned from Kokomo’s best and became one of the finest bowlers in town.

Several highlights mark Bunk’s bowling career. He rolled the first league 300 game in Peru bowling history. He won the local BPAA All-Star match play tournament, finished 4th in the State and qualified to participate in the National finals in Buffalo, New York. He was very close to obtaining sponsorship to bowl on the professional tour which would have enabled him to join friends Carl Babb and Don Johnson.

Clancy Clary recalls Bunk as a "hell of a bowler". He was a big tournament bowler. He was best in the clutch. If you needed strikes in the 10th frame, Bunk would get them for you. It didn’t matter how well, or poorly, he was bowling the rest of the game.

Bunk was a very congenial person and got along great with everyone. He bowled in a lot of tournaments in the mid-west for 20-25 years. If you needed a bowler at the last minute, you could always count on Bunk to bail you out. The right-handed Bunk was primarily a down-and-in shooter usually shooting around the 2nd arrow. He typically bowled in one to three leagues a week, less as he got older. Health eventually would cut Bunk's bowling career and life short. Bunk last bowled as a sub in the 1982-83 season at the Eagles. He died from cancer in 1988. 


Bunk was not involved in local bowling association activities but did represent the city well wherever he bowled. He always tried to help other bowlers improve their game even when they were bowling against him.


Game - 300
Series - At least 747
Average - About 207 in the 1961 Crawford Classic League


  • Shot first league perfect game in Peru bowling history on January 4, 1962
  • Won local BPAA All-Star qualifying in 1959
  • Finished 4th in State BPAA All-Star and qualified for National finals in Buffalo
  • Shot series of 695, 702 and 722 in consecutive weeks in the Crawford Classic League in Peru
  • Shot a 300 in practice at Hillcrest Lanes in Peru in the summer of 1961
  • Member of Moose National Champion Team twice
  • Typically averaged in the 190’s including the tough Eagles lanes
  • Participated in State Tournaments as well as the ABC Tournament
  • Shot 3-299 games (2 were sanctioned), shot a 298 game in 3/69 Sycamore Scratch League, also shot a 290 game