INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 6, 1995 -- Class of 1995...

Max was introduced to the sport of bowling at the Recreation Lanes by his father-in-law. The two of them participated in the Kingston League for the first time during the 1952 season. Nobody realized then, how much of an effect the sport of bowling would have on Max, and the impact he would have on Kokomo bowling.

When Max went to work for Chrysler Corporation in 1955, he started bowling at Cedar Crest Lanes on a Chrysler bowling league. Max was involved in several leagues throughout the years. After joining his first league, bowling became a second life for Max and his family.

Max bowled in every bowling center in Kokomo showing the utmost respect and happiness toward each one. His heart and soul was in bowling. In the 1970's and 80's, Max participated on numerous league championship teams. He won many league awards including several high average awards, most "200" games during a season, high games, and high series. Not only did Max bowl well in league play, he also served as captain on most of the teams that he bowled. His competitiveness never interfered with his willingness to see everyone bowl well. Max was always one of the first to congratulate a bowler who had bowled well.

In 1983, he and his son, Mark, had the pleasure of qualifying for the UAW Nationals in Erlanger, Kentucky. Max was also a regular participant at the ABC Championship Tournament, which he enjoyed because of the travel and uniqueness each tournament offered.

After over thirty years of dedicated service, Max retired from Chrysler in 1986. He did not stay retired long as he soon went to work at Don Lowry Lanes East Pro Shop to fulfill a dream of his--to drill bowling balls and assist the bowlers having problems with their game. Max then decided to become more active in the leadership role and became a Kokomo Bowling Association Director. One of his many responsibilities included pre-season lane certification and certification of honor scores. He served as a director and vice president for KBA until illness forced him to resign.

In 1988, Max enjoyed one of the best years of his bowling career. During the KBA Championship Tournament on April 24, 1988, he reached a bowling goal of scoring a perfect 300 game as he and his doubles partner Renny Mitchell won Doubles Event Actual and Max claimed All Events Actual title.


  • 1979 KBA All Events Actual--1814
  • 1988 KBA All Events Actual--1987
  • 1988 KBA Doubles Actual with Renny Mitchell--1233
  • KBA team titles not listed at this time

Max passed away on August 27, 1993.