1982-83 KWBA Director
1983-84 KWBA Director

1982-83 served as Elected National Delegate in Las Vegas, Nevada
1996-97 served as Elected National Delegate in Reno, Nevada

  • She served as a league vice president, secretary, and sergeant-at-arms. "Willie" bowled in four to five leagues per year and helped start our junior programs. 
  • One of Willie's strongest traits was the encouragement she always found for everyone involved with bowling. She was always in the background encouraging but never got in the "spotlight." 
  • She worked with Junior Leagues at Lowry Lanes West and was instrumental in encouraging and supporting PGA bowler Don Johnson in his young career. 
  • Also, Willie and pro-bowler Jim Stefanich won a Pro-Am Tournament held at Cedar Crest Lanes in 1967. 
  • Her highest game is 265, highest series is 580, and had a high average of 158.