thornton sue



1956-57 McGonigal Buick/Team Actual 2337
1957-58 McGonigal Buick/Team Actual 2597
1957-58 McGonigal Buick/Team Handicap 3059
1962-63 Cedar Crest Lanes/Team Handicap 2889
1962-63 Cedar Crest Lanes/Team Actual 2650
1963-64 Cedar Crest Lanes/Team Actual 2422
1963-64 Singles Champion Actual 616
1963-64 All Events Champion Actual 1668
1964-65 Hi Mark Restaurant/Team Actual 2565
1965-66 Hi Mark Restaurant/Team Actual 2437
1973-74 Doubles w/Ruth Johnson Handicap 1209
1974-75 All Events Champion Actual 1670
1980-81 Hutto's Drugs/Team Handicap 3104
1980-81 Hutto's Drugs/Team Actual 2708
1981-82 Doubles w/Virginia Haynes Handicap 1301
2006-07 Hutto's Drugs/5-Mbr Team Handicap 3352


1961-62 KWBA President
1966-67 KWBA Director
1967-68 KWBA Director

1961-62 Elected State Delegate in Michigan City
1962-63 Elected State Delegate in Indianapolis
1963-64 Elected State Delegate in Marion
1966-67 Elected State Delegate in South Bend
1967-68 Elected State Delegate in Terre Haute
1994-95 Elected State Delegate in Kokomo
1995-96 Elected State Delegate in Muncie

1962-63 Elected National Delegate in Memphis, TN
1992-93 Elected National Delegate in Baton Rouge, LA
1996-97 Elected National Delegate in Reno, NV

Sue has been bowling over 40 years.
She started the YWCA teen league.
She also helped organize the KWBA 600 Club.
She has served as a league President or Vice president off and on since 1952.
At the time of her induction into the KWBA Hall of Fame, she was the President of the Morning Stars at Lowry Lanes East and does an outstanding job.
She won 3rd place in the National Doubles in 1975.

MARCH 27, 1993, she was inducted as KWBA Life Member
MARCH 3, 2012, she was inducted into the Indiana State USBC WBA Hall of Fame, Special Services-Senior Category