thornton tex


AT THE TIME OF INDUCTION ON NOVEMBER 2, 1991 -- Class of 1990...

Tex has been in Kokomo since 1955 and has been a sanctioned bowler for 38 years. His high average is 212 in 1961-62, top game is 298, and high series is 802 with numerous 700's. He has probably taught and improved the bowling of more bowlers in Kokomo than any other individual. Always willing to oblige, Tex found the time to help by meeting early, staying late, or whatever it took to help someone who asked. He also served as president of the first Kokomo mixed league.


  • 1960 KBA Doubles Actual with Bill Thompson--1227
  • 1960 KBA Team Actual, Team No. 4 (Moose)--2911
  • 1961 KBA Team Actual, Alley Inn No. 2--2893
  • 1987 KBA Team Actual, Bender's Five--3103
  • 1987 KBA Team Hcp, Bender's Five--3232
  • 1988 KBA Team Hcp, Bender's Five--3167
  • Other KBA team titles not listed at this time


  • 1960 Central States Tournament in Cleveland, OH All Events Actual--2200
  • 1961 BPAA Regional Champion Team
  • 1961 Louisville Derby Tournament All Events--1976
  • 1961 Peru BA Hill Crest Lanes Actual and Handicap
  • 1961 Peru BA Actual Singles and Doubles
  • 1961 Peru BA Actual All Events
  • 1962 Peru BA Hill Crest Lanes Actual and Handicap
  • 1962 Peru BA Actual Doubles
  • 1962 Peru BA Actual All Events--2076

In 1960-61, Tex finished with a 202 average in the Traveling League. Three games were bowled, changing lanes after each game, in 24 different bowling centers.

He has won too many league championships to remember and carried the High Average in Stars Wed Night League approximately 15 years. Tex also bowled against the Budweiser and Falstaff National Teams in exhibition bowling.

Since his induction...

January 1998--Rolled first sanctioned 300 Game in the City Mixed Tournament