hof anderson alan


Alan rolled one of the earlier 300s in Kokomo, and he has been active on the bowling scene since. He has been going to the State Tournament for over 35 years and will appear in his 35th USBC Championship in 2015. He has been organizing the Kokomo squad for the state tournament and a national squad for several years. As a leadoff bowler at the national tournament, Alan would always throw the first ball down the lane following the opening bell.


Game - 300

Series - 750

Average - 211 (2004-2005 season)


City Titles:

2009 Team Event—Golden Corral Handicap 3387
2010 Doubles Event—Bryan Mose Handicap 1494/750
2009 Kokomo Seniors Tournament, Class C Handicap 760
2011 Kokomo Seniors Tournament, Class A Handicap 705




  • Highest average was 211 in the 2004-2005 season
  • He has had nine 200+ yearend averages and nine yearend averages in the 190’s.

700 Series

  • Alan has rolled about 25 series of 700 or higher including his highest of 750 (186, 265, 299).

High Games

  • Kokomo’s 16th 300 game was recorded by Alan as his career high game and was rolled at Don Lowry Lanes on June 17, 1979.
  • 299 (2)

State Tournament Finishes and Scores

  • At the State level, Alan has participated in the state tournament for about 45 years and has been organizing a large squad of Kokomo bowlers for several years.
  • He scored 1920 in All Events in the 2004 State Tournament in Richmond.

National Tournament Finishes and Scores

  • Alan will appear in his 35th national tournament in April 2015 and has been organizing a squad of Kokomo bowlers for several years for the ABC/USBC National Tournament.
  • His best score won him 18th place in the National All Events, which was 1833.

Other Tournaments

  • He also organized a squad for ten years for the Peterson Classic Tournament. He participated in it for 25 years with his best score of 1523 earning him 18th position.


  • He has won various league awards including the 150 Over Average Series Award.