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INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 10, 2014 -- Class of 2014...

Sometimes great bowlers from years gone by get overlooked as their accomplishments are not readily available or compiled. And sometimes great bowlers are hidden in the shadows of giants. Both of these statements are true for Cloyd Long.

Cloyd was born in 1917. right here in Kokomo, the son of Edgar and Marie Long. He had a brother, Carmon, who was about two years older than Cloyd. They both were fine athletes. If you research the Tribune history archives, you will see articles about basketball in West Middleton and the Long brothers. That is what Cloyd’s nephew Richard Long, son of Carmon, discovered. He also indicated that it was Carmon who thought HE would be a professional bowler. But that was before World War II and the injury he received as a result. So it would be Cloyd who would set his marks in the Kokomo bowling scene.

Cloyd was married in 1952 to Wilma Long, KWBA secretary.



Game - 277 (at least)

Series - 715 (at least)

Average - 191 (at least)


City Titles:

1949 Team Event—Leonard Jewelry Actual 2785
1953 Team Event—Play Bowl Lanes Actual 2938
1954 Team Event—Courtwright Motors Actual 2788
1956 Doubles Event—Clyde Myer Actual 1200
1957 Doubles Event—Don Lowry Actual 1223
1957 Team Event—McGonigal Buick Actual 2809
1959 Team Event—Launderette Actual 2878
1963 Doubles Event—Frank Jackson Actual 1158
1963 All Events Actual 1775
1965 Doubles Event—George Somsel Actual 1287



  • Cloyd was a member of Lawson Jewelry, the 1946-47 City League champion, with Clyde Myer, and Hall of Fame members Fred Hurstel, Francis Fisher, and Don Lowry.
  • At the national level, he and partner Clyde Myer rolled a score of 1182 in Doubles Event at the 1948 ABC Tournament.
  • In the same 1948 tournament, he recorded a 1757 in the All Events.
  • He was also on the Lord’s Jewelers team in 1949 that rolled the city record of 3259, leading that record with a 715 series.
  • Cloyd led the Classic League in 1949-50 season with a 191 average.
  • He rolled a top game in the Indiana Bowling Association State Tournament with a 277 in 1950.
  • In 1959, Cloyd was the anchor of the Schembre Beverage team setting the house record of 3139; he had a 678.
  • He was a member of the 1960 GM of Indiana Tournament team champion, which was the Delco Mavericks from Delco Radio.