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John started bowling in Bloomington where he grew up, and he has been a sanctioned bowler for 49 years. He continued to bowl throughout his military career, which eventually brought him to Grissom Air Force Base and Kokomo. He has some excellent bowling skills as is evident by his high average of 202 and high series of 750. But, his major contribution to the sport of bowling in the Kokomo area is in the area of youth bowling. John and his wife and Hall of Fame Member, Lynda, have been youth coaches for 20 years.


Game - 289

Series - 750

Average - 202


City Title:  2005     Team Actual   —Coaches Crew     3376



John is a Youth Coach at Don Lowry Lanes.
He has been a Certified Coach for over 43 years
John is a USBC Silver Level Coach.
In 1998, he was honored as Indiana YABA Coach of the Year.
His ability to elevate bowlers’ scoring has had an impact on the growth of the Saturday morning youth program at Don Lowry Lanes, which is one of the top programs in the state.
John and wife, Lynda, have coached multiple state champions, whom they are very proud
John is also someone who the youth bowlers are comfortable talking to at times when they feel they cannot talk with anyone else.
He also shares his knowledge with other coaches, thereby growing the number of good coaches at Don Lowry Lanes.
He has also presented a Coaching Seminar on “Good Touch, Bad Touch” at the State Youth Jamboree.