maudlin carl sr


INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 15, 2010 -- Class of 2010...


Game - 289 — Practice

Series - 732 — Match

Average - 195


Carl was one of Kokomo’s top bowlers during its formative years. Even before the Kokomo Bowling Association was formed, there was a record of Maudlin shooting a 237 game to win a turkey and having shot a 285 game in an Ohio State Tournament. According to George Haseline, Maudlin threw a back-up ball that earned him many of Kokomo’s early top scores. Carl was able to involve his four sons. Forrest, Russell, Melvin, and Carl, Jr., followed their father’s example and became top bowlers.

Carl was the Manager of Menig Alleys in 1917, and in 1922, he opened the Recreation Alleys, which became Kokomo’s only bowling center until the late 1930’s. He also organized Thanksgiving and New Year’s Tournaments each year.


8 City Championships

  • He won the All Events category in 1917 (1718)
  • In 1918, Carl won the All Events category (1619)
  • He won the All Events category in 1919 (1657)
  • In 1923, he won Handicap Singles Event (605)
  • In 1925, The Recreation Five won Team Handicap (2907)
  • The Progress Store won the Team Handicap (3031) in 1926
  • Partnered with Melvin Maudlin in 1926, Carl won Doubles Handicap (1320)
  • He won Doubles Handicap (1251) with partner Harry Davis in 1927


  • He rolled a 279 game and a 732 series in a match in 1916, but it was not in league play. However, both were record scores at the time.
  • Carl generally averaged in the upper 180’s to the lower 190’s and was consistently in the top three in average. His career high was 195 in 1918.
  • He led the City League in 1917 with a 191 average and averaged 190 in 1927.
  • Carl competed to earn a position on Kokomo’s first team to bowl in the ABC Tournament.
  • In the 1916 ABC Championship Tournament, Carl and partner Homer Kilbuck scored 1218 in the Doubles Event.\
  • In 1923, Carl shot a 646 in the Singles Event of the ABC tournament.
  • In 1917, Carl rolled a 653 on the team setting the team actual record of 1016 for a game and 2927 for series.
  • Carl won the first “City Individual Championship” in 1919 with a score of 1228 for 6 games; he won again in 1923.
  • He was also a member of the City League champion team, Recreation Five, in the 1922-23 season.