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City Titles:

1992-93 Team--Ralph Stewart Ins./Division B Actual 2378
1998-99 Team--Ralph Stewart Ins. Handicap 3163
2003-04 5-Mbr Team--Ralph Stewart Ins./Division B Actual 2186
2003-04 Doubles w/Cyndy Trent/Division B Actual 961
2003-04 Singles/Division B Actual 553
2003-04 B & T Team--11th Annual City Mixed Handicap 2863



Rhonda is very family oriented, and she readily attributes her bowling career to her mom, Peg Lowe, who is a City of Firsts USBC Hall of Fame member. Her first memories of bowling are from the late 1960’s when Christmas break was the kids’ time on the lanes as they always hoped for two Christmas Vacation weeks of bowling fun and not just one. She began organized bowling in the Coca-Cola Youth League.


1990-91 KWBA Director
1991-92 KWBA Director
1992-93 KWBA Director
1993-94 KWBA Director
1994-95 KWBA Director
1995-96 KWBA Director
1997-98 KWBA Director
1998-99 KWBA Director
2000-01 KWBA Director
2001-02 KWBA Director
2002-03 KWBA Director
2003-04 KWBA Director
2004-05 KWBA Director
2005-06 KWBA Director

1992-93 elected State Delegate, Indianapolis
1993-94 elected State Delegate, Fort Wayne
1994-95 elected State Delegate, Kokomo
1995-96 elected State Delegate, Muncie
1996-97 elected State Delegate, Terre Haute

Rhonda also worked on the following KWBA Committees

  • Audit Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Banquet Committee
  • Legislative, Policy & Procedure
  • Mission & Goals Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Tournament Awards Committee
  • Tournament Committee

Rhonda's other contributions/achievements to the sport of bowling:

  • She began her league career in the 1960's in the Coca-Cola Youth League.
  • Rhonda was league secretary for the Wildcat League for 24 years.
  • She served as the Monday First Nighters league secretary for 10 years, and she served as secretary-treasurer for a summer league at Don Lowry Lanes.
  • When Kokomo received the bid for the 1995 Women's Indiana State Bowling Association Championship Tournament, Rhonda was both active in seeking the bid and working the tournament.
  • Rhonda served as the Kokomo 500 Club secretary-treasurer for several years and was involved when it was holding its 9-Pin No-Tap Tournaments.
  • Rhonda was also a volunteer for working the Hall of Fame.
  • At the time of her induction, Rhonda and her youngest daughter, Emily, placed fourth in the Don Lowry Lanes Family Twosome Tournament, and they will advance to the next level to bowl in Peru on May 16, 2010.