lucas lynda


Lynda is a good bowler with some outstanding scores, but her nomination is in the Special Services category for her many years of contributions to youth bowling. Lynda has a rapport with the youth that helps keep them interested. She and her husband, John, share a trust of confidentially with the youth bowlers, and they are there when the kids feel they cannot confide or talk with their parents. Lynda is genuinely there for the youth bowlers whether it is as a coach, mentor, or friend. She has commented repeatedly that the youth are our bowling future. Lynda is a great ambassador for our sport and does not seek recognition for what she does for the youth and our sport of bowling. She is truly there for the young bowlers.


  • League Coordinator for Don Lowry Lanes for 16 years.
    • Verifies all scores between the computer and the written league sheets
    • Resolves any issues with the League Secretaries
    • Enters names for tournaments
  • Director of youth bowling at Don Lowry Lanes for 25 years
  • Lynda has been recognized for her efforts at the state level. In 2003, Lynda received the Indiana YABA Coach of the Year Award. The award is generated by nomination, and it states why the nominee should be recognized, the number of years as a league coach and certified coach with highest level of certification. It also considers the number of state and association offices held with years served and the number of offices and/or affiliations in organizations other than bowling.
  • She is a Level 2 coach
  • She organizes squads and makes arrangements for tournament sign-ups as well as travel arrangements for the out-of-town events.
  • She has developed one of the strongest youth programs in the country, which several centers within Indiana have modeled their successful programs.
  • Lynda’s youth program uses quality volunteer coaches, and it has developed some of Kokomo’s premier youth bowlers.
  • She ran Air Force tournaments when her husband was serving in the military



Game - 250
Series – 650
Average – 179