flook betty


City Titles:

1966-67 Frisch's Big Boy Team Handicap 2612
1977-78 Doubles Actual W/Jeri Flowers 2592



Betty started bowling about 1962 at Play Bowl in the Roll n Miss League on Monday nights. She bowled at each of the 4 bowling centers that existed at that time – Recreation Lanes, Sycamore Lanes, Play Bowl and Cedar Crest. Later she also bowled at Don Lowry Lanes East and the Eagles.


1980-81 KWBA Secretary
1981-82 KWBA Secretary
1976-77 KWBA Director
1977-78 KWBA Director
1978-79 KWBA Director
1979-80 KWBA Director
1987-88 KWBA Director
1988-89 KWBA Director
1979-80 State Delegate



Game - 277
Series – 653
Average – 174


  • Betty introduced bowling with 6 bowlers on a pair of lines during the City Tournament while Association Secretary
  • She was able to locate office equipment and furniture from a company going out of business for the KWBA to purchase at very reasonable prices.
  • Betty also prepared the sanction cards and the Average Book, which at that time was done on the typewriter.
  • She served on various committees for the association
  • Betty was League Secretary or Treasurer for several leagues earlier in her bowling career and served on the banquet, rules, and prize committees for many of those leagues.
  • Betty chaired the committee to enlist scorekeepers for the local women’s championship tournament when Betty Malson was KWBA Secretary
  • She worked in the office at Don Lowry Lanes West during the Indiana Women’s State Bowling Tournament in 1995
  • Betty spent many hours keeping score for many men and women’s tournaments.


  • Betty has a high game of 277 that she bowled on October 12, 1989, which also earned her the WISBA High Game Award for the highest game bowled in Kokomo in the 1989-90 season from a 151 or higher average bowler
  • She also topped the competition in the 1975 KWBA Championship Tournament with the highest game, 246
  • Betty competed in many city, state, and national tournaments; she bowled her first national in the WIBC National Championship Tournament in 1975 hosted by Indianapolis.
  • In 1980, Betty and her husband, Ron, won the team event in the Mr. and Mrs. Eagles Tournament at New Castle, Indiana, with partners Skip and Sheryl McGovern.
  • She has won various league championships in both mixed and women’s leagues including the 1988-89 Dirty Dozen League.
  • Betty has various league high series, games, and average awards; and she has bowled numerous all-spare games.