City Titles:

1995 Team--Strike Shop 2 Actual 3185
1998 Doubles w/Gary Brown Actual 1379
1998 Doubles w/Gary Brown Handicap 1446
2005 Doubles w/Sharon Wood Handicap 1391



Jeff first started bowling in an ABC-sanctioned league in 1978. Due to his size, Jeff is an imposing-type person. He is a really good friend to everyone he bowls with. Jeff keeps the team loose and relaxed and is fun to bowl with. He is also very dependable and ready to bowl when it is his turn. He has tossed a number of high scores and has captured some championships.


Game - 300
Series – 760
Average – 213


  • City Tournament finishes:
    1995 - All Events - 2nd place (2006) - 3rd place handicap
    2005 – City Mixed Doubles – 2nd place with wife Sharon
  • Other Tournament notables:
    2004 UAW Team Champions in Indianapolis with Rick Kelley, Wade Cook, Tom Arnett and Floyd Russell
    1994 GM Tournament Doubles Actual Champion with Gary Exmeyer
    Top Inman’s finishes of 5th actual (1079), 7th handicap (1165) in 1990 and 1059 actual in 1992 and 1069 actual in 1993
    Shot a 760 in South Bend Chippewa Sweeper during the 1996-1997 season
  • Averages:
    Has averaged over 200 the last four seasons and six of the last seven
    Averaged 212 for the 1999-2000 season and 213 for the 2004-2005 season
  • 700 Series:
    Has rolled 29 series of 700 or over with a career high of 760 on January 29, 1995
  • High Games:
    One sanctioned 300 game (2/10/82 at Cedar Crest)
    Only 300 in Kokomo that season
    Rolled a 299 in 1995 leaving a 7-pin on his last ball (January 29, 1995)
    Rolled a 295 at Astro Bowl on 2/2/84
    Rolled a 290 at Cedar Crest on 9/23/92
    Rolled many 279 games
  • Participated in the UAW regional tournament for over 25 years – cashing many times, also rolled in the UAW nationals
  • Has participated in 7 ABC tournaments since the early 1990's
  • Participated in the GM Tournament, Indiana State Tournament, Inman’s in Valparaiso and Hoinke for a number of years
  • Has captured 15 league team championships between 1981 and 2004
  • Participated in Indiana All Stars and the CIBA for several years in the 1980's
  • "Broke" the Bank at Cedar Crest for about $2000