bailey mary


1995-96 Team--Go's Girls Actual 2874
2004-05 Doubles w/Jill Shimer Actual 1253



Mary started bowling in 1986 and averaged 119 her first season, but she had an eagerness to learn how to bowl better. Her persistence rapidly paid off, and Mary has been one of Kokomo’s top women bowlers for many years since. Up until last season, she has averaged at least 180 for 8 straight seasons.


  • Mary was Secretary-Treasurer for the summer Strike Out League
  • She served as Vice-president of the Wildcat League
  • Mary was one of four women instrumental in the formation of the Scratch Draft League (along with Tammy Burge, Denise Russell and Leanna Aldridge)
  • She was Vice-president of the Kokomo Women’s 600 Club
  • She served as secretary of the Kokomo Women’s 600 Club
  • Mary Was in charge of entries, monies and scoring for 600 club members rolling in City Tournament as a separate tournament


  • Mary's career high game is 275 scored on March 4, 1998.
  • Her high series is 711 bowled on March 17, 1997. Other high series include 690, 687, 686, and 685.
  • Her career high average is a 188 for 36 games in the 1996-97 season; other high averages include 185 scored in the 1997-98 and 2003-04 seasons as well as 184, 183 (2), 181, 180 (2) averages over the past seasons.
  • Bowled in a scratch league for many years
  • Mary bowled in the City Tournament every year since starting bowling in 1986
  • She has bowled in the State Tournament every year since 1992
  • Mary bowled in 5 WIBC National tournaments
  • Has participated in 500 and 600 Club tournaments at the local and state level
  • Has participated in the Queens tournament
  • Has participated in the City Mixed Tournament
  • Has participated in the Hoinke tournament and Valparaiso tournament