1995-96 KWBA President

1996-97 KWBA Presiden

t1997 KWBA President

1994-95 KWBA Director

1993-94 KWBA Director

1992-93 KWBA Director

1991-92 KWBA Director

1990-91 KWBA Director

1989-90 KWBA Director

1997-98 Elected State Delegate

1996-97 Elected State Delegate

1997-98 Elected National Delegate

1996-97 Elected National Delegate

1994-96 Elected National Delegate

1993-94 Elected National Delegate

1992-93 Elected National Delegate

1991-92 Elected National Delegate

1994-98 Membership Development Local Team Leader

1996-98 Powder Puff League President

1988-96 Independents League Secretary

1996-98 Independents League President

1995 Designed KWBA State Logo

Designed KWBA Logo

Speaker at State and National Membership Development Meetings

Participated in the State 500 and 600 Tournaments and served as past Local 600 Club Vice President

Past Kokomo Bowling Council (KBC) Secretary

KBC Learn to Bowl Coach

1995 State Tournament Ways & Means Committee

  • Although Connie Hensler served as KWBA President for 2½ years and KWBA Director for 6 years, her distinction and contributions focus upon her artistic abilities and leadership with the WIBC Membership Development program.
  • While serving on the KWBA Board of Directors, she chaired the Ways and Means Committee and successfully promoted the KWBA through designs and merchandise. Her most impressive design was the KWBA logo that we continue to display today. She created the design the KWBA used in 1995 when Kokomo hosted the WISBA Championship Tournament. She also designed other various pins sold during city tournaments or given as awards such as the 650 Award pin.
  • Connie served as the Local Team Leader (1994-98) for Membership Development in its infancy under the direction of the WIBC. Because of the groundwork and success on the local level, she was invited to address state and national meetings with the literature that was developed and proven effective in Kokomo.
  • In the 1999-2000 season, Connie received the KWBA Vada Soots Certificate of Appreciation.
  • Bowling accomplishments include the Silver Award (150 or less average) for her 637 Series in 1991-92; 500 Indiana State Trio Tournament Champion in 1989; and champion of the Independents League in 1988, 1989, 1991, and 1992. Connie also placed third in the 1990 WISBA Championship Tournament hosted by Double “I”.