kelley gerard


AT THE TIME OF INDUCTION ON MAY 7, 2005 -- Class of 2005...


Gerard is a very likable person and is easy going. He has been coaching the youth at Don Lowry Lanes for about ten years. In 2001, he began coaching high school and is the assistant coach for Western High School. He is also very willing to help anyone with their game and has always managed to get the most from his own game. He has numerous 300 games and has maintained a 200-210 average even though he has bowled in only one league for the last 15 years.


Game - 300 (6 sanctioned and 1 in practice)

Series - 806

Average - 210


  • GM of Indiana Bowling Association President one year
  • Coach on Saturday morning youth leagues at Don Lowry Lanes since about 1993
  • Assistant coach for Western High School beginning 2001


City Tournament titles

  • 1984 - Doubles actual (1248) with his identical twin brother and KBA Hall of Fame Member, Jon Kelle
  • 1988 - Team actual (3128)
  • 1992 - Doubles actual with his brother Jon with a then record score of 1364
  • 1994 - Doubles actual (1229) and handicap (1293) with his brother Jon

Other City Tournament notables

  • Second in Singles once and all-events once



  • Has averaged over 200 for the last five seasons even though bowling in only one league
  • Averaged 210 last two seasons


  • Highest rolled series of 806 bowled on September 29, 2004, at Cedar Crest Lanes
  • Has shot about 25 series of 700 or over with a career high of 806
  • Rolled a 704 series in the Family Twosome Tournament in Crawfordsville

High Games

  • Six sanctioned 300 games plus another in practice (1st in 1983 and most recent in 2004)
  • Rolled only the 2nd ever 300 game at Astro Bowl in 1983
  • Was first bowler with two 300 games at Astro Bowl (Don Lowry Lanes East)
  • Only bowler with three 300 games at Astro Bowl (Don Lowry Lanes East)
  • One of his 300's came in the Family Twosome Tournament in Crawfordsville on 5/20/00


Tournament/League ParticipationHas participated in the State Tournament several times

Participated in the GM Tournament for over 10 years and won 1990 GM Team Handicap Title

Numerous league team championships and individual awards including the Big-4 split

Participated in Indiana All Stars for several years