City Titles:

1987-88 Division II Five Alive/Team Handicap 3045
1987-88 Division II Five Alive/Team Actual 2490
1994-95 Strike Shop/Team Handicap 3115
1994-95 Division II Five Alive/Team Actual 2535
1994-95 Division II Doubles w/Helen Clark Handicap 1268
1994-95 Division II Doubles w/Helen Clark Actual 1026



1988-89 KWBA Director1989-90 KWBA Director1990-91 KWBA Director1991-92 KWBA Director1994-95 KWBA Director1995-96 KWBA Director1996-97 KWBA Director1997-98 KWBA Director1999-00 KWBA Director2000-01 KWBA Director2001-02 KWBA Director2002-03 KWBA Director2003-04 KWBA Director2004-05 KWBA Director

1992-93 KWBA Elected National Delegate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Past chairman of the KWBA Nomination Committee, Scholarship Committee, and the Tournament Award Committee
  • Other KWBA committees Isola has worked on have been the Audit, Banquet, Hall of Fame, Legislative, Mission and Goals, Nomination, and the Ways and Means.
  • She has worked most KWBA events and the joint ventures with the Kokomo Bowling Association.
  • Isola has worked every Monte Carlo fundraiser and has attended most Kokomo Joint Hall of Fame Ceremonies.
  • Isola has served as past secretary and as past treasurer of the Independent League, treasurer of the Computerette League, and currently is serving as treasurer of the Make Believe League.
  • Her team won the 1998 UAW Region 3 Tournament Championship for the Women's Team Handicap, which sent them to the UAW International competition.
  • In 2003, Isola's UAW team qualified from the Regional level to the International level again. She was also on an American Legion Championship team.
  • Her personal bests include a 167 average, a 223 game that won her the 1977-78 KWBA High Game Silver Award, and a low to mid 600 series.
  • Isola is a member of the National, State, and Local 600 Clubs.
  • When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, her response was being nominated and inducted into the KWBA Hall of Fame.