turner jan


1985-86 Singles (Co-Champion) Handicap 656
1998-99 Ralph Stewart Ins./Team Handicap 3390



1988-89 KWBA Sergeant-at-Arms1989-90 KWBA Sergeant-at-Arms1983-84 KWBA Director1984-85 KWBA Director1985-86 KWBA Director1986-87 KWBA Director1987-88 KWBA Director1990-91 KWBA Director1991-92 KWBA Director1992-93 KWBA Director1993-94 KWBA Director1994-95 KWBA Director1995-96 KWBA Director1997-98 KWBA Director1998-99 KWBA Director1999-00 KWBA Director2000-01 KWBA Director2001-02 KWBA Director2002-03 KWBA Director2003-04 KWBA Director

1984-85 KWBA Elected National Delegate in Toledo, Ohio
2004-05 KWBA Elected National Delegate in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • In 1990 through 1993, Jan was the KWBA Publicity Chairman. During that period, the KWBA Average Book and the Telebowler, the KWBA newsletter, were published. She was open for ideas and made special effort to make these projects a success.
  • She collected feedback from the league secretaries and held publicity meetings for committee input and proof-readings of the Telebowler.
  • As chairman when the KWBA published the first Average Book, she played an active role in selling ads for the book that totally paid for the publications without costs to the KWBA or its members.
  • During her service on the KWBA Board of Directors, she has served on numerous committees. She has chaired the KWBA Audit Committee, the KWBA Banquet Committee, and the KWBA Legislative Committee.
  • She worked for the promotion of the 1995 State Bid in 1991-92. When the KWBA hosted the WISBA Championship Tournament in 1995, Jan worked 12 of the 13 tournament weekends as Scorekeeper Chairman to make sure monitors were available in both houses for recording scores and making corrections. She also was Publicity Chairman during the tournament.
  • Jan is a past Lane Representative and was a member of the Membership Development Team.
  • In addition, Jan has served the leagues that she is a member. She has served as president, secretary, and treasurer of a variety of leagues. Currently, she is secretary of the 20th Century League where she has served since 1996-97; before becoming secretary, she served as president (1992-95) of that league.
  • Jan is a tournament bowler. She has been a KWBA Championship Tournament participant since 1980 and a WISBA Championship participant since 1986.
  • Jan started bowling in high school, but did not bowl regularly until she and her husband, KBA Hall of Fame member Dave Turner, were married in 1975. As a bowler, Jan won high average honors in 1992-93 with a 172 average in the 20th Century League (where she started bowling as a sub in 1978-79) to be topped this 2003-04 season with her career high 173 year-end average. The bulk of her 20th Century League Championships were with her current team, D L & T ProSort (formerly Astronettes team), winning in 1982-83 through 1990-91 and in 1992-93, 2000-01.
  • When asked what her most valued achievement was, her response was changing her grip from a backup ball to conventional hook with a fingertip ball, to which she credited her ability to win the Singles with Handicap Event in 1985-86.
  • Jan's team, Astronettes League (Vada Soots, Leanna Aldridge, Marcia Carpenter, Peg McFarland, and Jan), placed third in the WISBA Championship Tournament in 1982-83.
  • In 1988, she won Singles Event in the Mr. & Mrs. Eagles Tournament. Jan has also participated in the WIBC Championship Tournament since 1988.
  • She is a member of the Local, State, and National 600 Clubs. Additionally, Jan is particularly proud of her golfing accomplishments as well as bowling. She has won Division A Low Net (1987) and Low Gross (1991, 1993) in the Howard County Golf Tournament. She also has boasting rights to a hole-in-one during a tournament at Tippecanoe Country Club in 1996.
  • Jan displays leadership qualities and the ability to be innovative as well as being an accomplished bowler and golfer.