1981-82 Captain's Cove/Division B Team Actual 2300
1992-93 Ralph Stewart Ins./Division B Team Actual 2378



1983-84 KWBA Director1984-85 KWBA Director1985-86 KWBA Director1986-87 KWBA Director1987-88 KWBA Director1989-90 KWBA Director1990-91 KWBA Director1991-92 KWBA Director1992-93 KWBA Director1993-94 KWBA Director1994-95 KWBA Director1996-97 KWBA Director1997-98 KWBA Director1998-99 KWBA Director1999-00 KWBA Director2000-01 KWBA Director2001-02 KWBA Director2002-03 KWBA Director

1991-92 KWBA Elected National Delegate in Lansing, Michigan
1998-99 KWBA National Delegate in Indianapolis, Indiana
1991-92 KWBA Elected State Delegate in South Bend
1993-94 KWBA Elected State Delegate in Fort Wayne
1995-96 KWBA Elected State Delegate in Muncie

Enjoying the work includes serving on KWBA committees as chairman for the Banquet (2), Nomination, and Scholarship. Other committees she has worked on include Tournament, Tournament Awards, Historical, Ways and Means, Mission and Goals, and Membership Development League and Lane Representative.

Peg worked and promoted to host the 1995 WISBA Tournament in Kokomo. She then worked in the Doubles House (Lowry Lanes East) Tournament Office processing bowlers, substitutes, and filing. She also served on the KWBA committee for the State Tournament Awards. In the early 1990's, Peg also served as the KWBA 500 Club President for three years.

Peg bowled on the First Nighters League and served as League Secretary from 1982 until 1988 when it was disbanded. She also bowled in the Hard Times League in the late 1950's through 1970's. She held the office of President and Vice President in the 1970's for the Hard Times League.

She continues with her leadership role in the Wildcat League. In 1973, she began bowling in the Wildcat League and became League Secretary. Currently, Peg is still the Wildcat League Secretary and displays her dedication after 30 years of serving in that capacity. Why? She enjoys it!

She has placed in the WISBA and WIBC Championship Tournaments. She has participated in the 500 Club Trio Tournament, 600 Club Buddy Tournament, Honors Award Tournament, and the Champion of Champions Tournament. In 1969, Peg and her son won the YABA Adult-Youth Championship title locally and at the state level. In 1970, the duo placed second in Kokomo.

Peg's career highs include a 276 game, a 587 series, and a 159 year-end average. Her league championship titles include the Hard Times League (1982), First Nighters League (1982-1985), Some Times League (1982), and Wildcat League (1983, 1984, and 1993).

Peg has been a volunteer and a worker for the Kokomo Women's Bowling Association and its membership because she enjoys it--and she continues to volunteer and work… because she enjoys it.