lee mary



1993-94 Doubles with Dee Johnson Handicap 1288
1995-96 Div. 2 Doubles with Jennifer Warden Actual 970



1983-84 Gold Award/High Game 264
1983-84 State Award/High Game 264



1967 Sundowners League
1969 Cast-Off League
1982 Friday Nite Misfits
1993 Friday Nite Misfits
1996 Friday Nite Misfits
1989 Astronettes
1990 Astronettes
1996 Astronettes
1997 Wildcat League



1985-86 KWBA Director
1986-87 KWBA Director
1987-88 KWBA Director
1988-89 KWBA Director
1989-90 KWBA Director
1990-91 KWBA Director
1992-93 KWBA Director
1993-94 KWBA Director
1994-95 KWBA Director
1995-96 KWBA Director
1996-97 KWBA Director
1997-98 KWBA Director
1998-99 KWBA Director


1989-90 elected State Delegate in Double "I"
  • Mary is the definition of "volunteer." When Mary distributed KWBA Championship Tournament entries to the league bowlers, you could hear her asking bowlers if they participated. If their response was no, she was right back with a why not and would proceed to make them feel comfortable entering. She encouraged and talked to the bowlers, making every effort to make all bowlers comfortable and feel like they could do it. She was more than willing to bowl with a new bowler or a lower average bowler just to introduce them to tournament bowling.
  • As a director, she was always one of the first to step forward to volunteer and stick it out until the job was complete. Mary always said that she was not a leader, but what do you need done and how can I help.
  • Mary worked in the 1995 WISBA Championship Tournament team office when hosted by Kokomo, as well as promoting it at the local level. Her responsibilities included team check-in, making substitute changes, announcements, and filing.
  • Mary worked diligently with Membership Development leaders to build guidelines and assisted with the formation of League Services. She worked from the beginning in 1993 and continued to serve KWBA board and membership through 1999.
  • Mary served as Lane Representative for many years at Lowry Lanes East and accepted those responsibilities with a positive attitude.
  • Mary served as Astronettes League Secretary for six years and GM Modelmakers League Secretary for two years.
  • She also served as Vice President of the Friday Nite Misfits and Sgt.- At-Arms in the Astro Ladies Classic.
  • She also was on the ground floor of the KBA/KWBA successful fundraiser, the Monte Carlo. Again, you could hear Mary asking, "What needs to be done?" She worked the 1996, 1997, and 1998 Monte Carlo events.
  • Mary participated in approximately 15 WISBA Championship Tournaments and placed fourth in the All Events/Handicap category in 1998 when she scored her high series of 715. She also participated in three national tournaments.
  • Her highest game is 266 and highest yearend average is 174.
  • In the United AutoWorkers (UAW) tournaments, Mary's team won Regional Championship in 1998. In 1997, she won second in singles and third in team in the International Finals.
  • Mary is a member of the National, State, and Local 600 Clubs.