1939-40 Doubles w/Mary Ellen Boring Handicap 1157
1939-40 Doubles w/Mary Ellen Boring Actual 1028
1940-41 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Handicap 2592
1940-41 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Actual 2326
1941-42 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Actual 2429
1942-43 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Actual 2261
1943-44 Doubles w/Wilma Moore Long Handicap 1072
1943-44 Doubles w/Wilma Moore Long Actual 988
1948-49 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Handicap 2669
1948-49 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Actual 2429
1948-49 Doubles w/Elsie Pettay Actual 993
1948-49 All Events Actual 1564
1949-50 All Events Actual 1581
1952-53 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Handicap 2964
1952-53 Dietzens Corntoppers/Team Actual 2493



1938-89 KWBA Vice President
1941-42 KWBA Sergeant-at-Arms

Virginia Scott--Star of Yesteryear (Posthumously). Virginia was a member of the Dietzen's Corntoppers team which etched their mark for many years in KWBA's history book. She not only had a smile for you and was a leader on the lanes, but she was a leader behind the scenes. In 1938-39, she served as KWBA Vice President and in 1941-42, served as KWBA Sergeant-at-Arms.

Now, Virginia takes her place in Kokomo Women's Bowling Asssociation's Hall of Fame to join those bowlers who have achieved the milestone of recognition. She joins her fellow teammates Wilma Moore Long, Elsie Pettay, and Mary Margaret Halstead already placed in the Kokomo Women's Bowling Hall of Fame.