1982-83 Wednesday Morning Stars League
1985-86 Wednesday Morning Stars League
1987-88 Wednesday Morning Stars League
1988-89 Wednesday Morning Stars League
1994-95 Wednesday Morning Stars League
1995-96 Wednesday Morning Stars League



1965-66 KWBA Treasurer
1966-67 KWBA Treasurer
1967-68 KWBA Treasurer
1968-69 KWBA Treasurer
1969-70 KWBA Treasurer
1970-71 KWBA Treasurer
1971-72 KWBA Treasurer
1972-73 KWBA Treasurer
1973-74 KWBA Treasurer
1974-75 KWBA Treasurer
1975-76 KWBA Director
1976-77 KWBA Director


1968-69 Elected State Delegate at Logansport
1970-71 Elected State Delegate at Muncie
1971-72 Elected State Delegate at Fort Wayne
1972-73 Elected State Delegate at Marion
1973-74 Elected State Delegate at Anderson
1974-75 Elected State Delegate at Indianapolis


1970-71 Elected National Delegate at Atlanta, Georgia


  • Marge started bowling in 1960 after two back surgeries and continued to bowl until another injury 38 years later.
  • She served as KWBA Treasurer for ten years and director for two years. In 1972 as KWBA Treasurer, she recalls writing city tournament checks while sitting with her husband in the hospital as he recuperated from a heart attack.
  • She participated in most city and state tournaments during her bowling career.
  • Among other committees that she was a member, Marge served as Prize List Chairman in 1967, 1971, 1973, 1974, and 1975
  • She was chairman of the Nominating Committee in 1968, 1977, and 1978
  • In 1975-76, Marge was chairman of the Audit Committee and Budget/Finance Committee
  • Marge commented that the greatest thing she got from bowling was being with the people.