INDUCTED POSTHUMOUSLY ON MAY 13, 2000 -- Class of 2000...


Bill started bowling at the age of 18 in 1934 at the Recreation Alleys on Main Street and continued to bowl for 60 years! Bill is a competitor in bowling but is a fine sport. He has accepted many responsibilities in leagues but never complained about the work load. He always made new members in leagues feel welcome. You could always count on Bill to accept and exert top quality leadership. There have been times when the Elk's league might have folded, but Bill made a special effort to keep it alive.

Bill was always the anchorman for his teams. His son John stated that Bill expected his sons to bowl like he did when he was young. He told them to "Pick up the spares and the strikes will come".

Bill has given so much in his 60 years of bowling, not only to the community of Kokomo, but also at the state and national levels.

Bill was heavily involved in promoting the sport of bowling as indicated below.

  • Served on Elk's State board from 1968 to 1994 (Elk's Exalted Ruler 1955-56) and involved with Elk's national Bowling Association Board of Directors since 1968
  • Vice-president of State Elk's for 6 years
  • Served 3 two-year terms as President of the Elk's State Bowling Association
  • Honorary Director of Elk's National
  • State Elk's officer from 1980-1994
  • Helped get the 1983 State Elk's tournament in Kokomo
  • Secretary/treasurer of the Commercial League for almost 10 years
  • Secretary/treasurer of the Elk's League for over 35 years
  • Bill kept score for the exhibitions held at the Recreation Alleys


Game - 289

Series - 713 (Subbing in Fraternal League in Logansport)

Average - 188


  • Bowled in almost all City Tournaments between 1933 and 1961 and some later as a substitute
  • Bowled in the Knights of Columbus State Tournament at least 15 years
  • Bowled in the Indiana State Tournament about 4 times
  • Rolled two 289 games and two other games in the 270's
  • Was on one championship State K of C team and also had a second and fourth place finish